Steam Accounts Offline

Our Steam accounts used for holding items were trade banned on June 19th at around 5 PM ET. Users are currently unable to:

  • Add new items / listings
  • Trade out purchased items
  • Trade out items items that are listed for sale and/or have been delisted


We have contacted Valve / Steam to see why the accounts have a trade ban. Our hope is to have these bans lifted and continue operations. If Valve is unable to accommodate our requests, we will be sure to make sure all customers are taken care of.

Please note that, as always, any deposit made to purchase items is eligible for a full refund. Due to the increased support it may take longer than normal to process all refunds.


  • 6/19 @ 5 PM ET : Bots trade banned
  • 6/19 @ 5:15 PM ET: Emailed Steam support.
  • 6/19 @ 5:50 PM ET: Steam support says they’re unable to help us and to mail a letter to Valve legal.
  • 6/19 @ 11 PM ET: Disabled bots/trading + disabled deposits.
  • 6/20 @ 11:40 AM ET: Sent out an email to two contacts within Valve’s legal department
  • 6/20 @ 1:23 PM ET: Received an email reply from a Valve attorney asking for more information.
  • 6/20 @ 1:31 PM ET: Replied to Valve attorney requesting clarification on trade bans and their policies.
  • 6/20 @ 5:14 PM ET: Sent a follow-up email to Valve attorney.
  • 6/20 @ 6:30 PM ET: Mailed overnight letter to Valve HQ, per the request of Steam support.
  • 6/21 @ 9:33 AM ET: No responses yet.
  • 6/21 @ 11:00 AM ET: Second letter sent. This one to PO Box instead of Valve HQ.
  • 6/21 @ 12:43 PM ET: Letter to Valve confirmed as received.
  • 6/21 @ 2:31 PM ET: No reply. Sent another follow-up email to Valve attorney.
  • 6/21 @ 7:00 PM ET: Created Reddit thread for community feedback/discussion
  • 6/21 @ 7:15 PM: ET: Received reply from Valve attorney: “The Steam Subscriber Agreement is clear that Steam accounts are not authorized for commercial purposes.   As such we do not plan to change the status of these accounts.
  • 6/21 @ 10:30 PM ET: Sent follow-up email to Valve attorney with options/alternatives so we can provide resolutions for our mutual customers.
  • 6/22 @ 2:26 PM ET: Accounts still disabled and trade-banned.
  • 6/22 @ 2:30 PM ET: Now formulating a plan to make sure our customers are taken care of.
  • 6/23 @ 8:29 AM ET: No new information from Valve. Working on statement + plan.
  • 6/23 @ 10:20 AM ET: Sent another follow-up email to Valve attorney requesting clarity.
  • 6/24 @ 5:00 PM ET: No response from Steam/Valve.
  • 6/24 @ 6:04 PM ET: We are finalizing a statement + plan of action. Will be posting soon.
  • 6/25 @ 3:00PM ET: Posted notice on with our plan.
  • 6/25 @ 9:00 PM ET: Refunded all pending buy orders back to users’ balances
  • 6/26 @ 2:30 AM ET: Reversed purchases made after the trade ban occurred. Refunded amounts back to users’ wallets.
  • 6/26 @ 9:30 AM ET: Processing customers withdrawal requests.
  • 6/26 @ 3:09 PM ET: Continuing to process withdrawal requests.
  • 6/26 @ 10:00 PM ET: Distributed funds for all PayPal withdrawals. We expect to have BTC and others paid by 6/30.
  • 6/30 @ 10:00 PM ET: More payouts processed, including BTC withdrawals.
  • 7/4 @ 11:21 AM ET: No additional responses from Valve.
  • 8/1 @ 10:16 AM ET: We’ve sent Valve 7 emails, numerous support requests, and 2 postal letters. We have tried leveraging every relationship we have to get in touch with them and are being ignored. Unfortunately, it looks like these Steam accounts will remain frozen.

Additional information on how we’re handling this situation can be found here.

What’s next?

It does not seem that it’ll be possible for Loot Market to return. Many are playing the “just make new Steam accounts” game but we’re not into that. We want to work in conjunction with Valve and not against them.

We have shut down Loot Market and have moved on to a new project, where you can pick esports match winners, climb the leaderboard, and win prizes. It’s 100% free.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact our staff through 24/7 live chat.