TI6 Immortal Treasures – Top 5 Items

TI6 Immortal Treasures TI6 immortal treasures were released throughout TI6. From those treasures, there were quite a few awesome drops. Let's take a look at [...]

Ogre Magi Set (DOTA 2)

Ogre Magi Set You know how they say "good luck, have fun"? Well if Ogre has luck the enemies definitely aren't having any. Now, if you are a fan of gambling, [...]

Kunkka Sets and Item Recommendations

Kunkka Sets Do you play a lot of Kunkka? Then you might as well torrent and Ghostship in style! No need to look for any other Kunkka sets. We've put together [...]

TI6 DOTA 2 Recap, Highlights, and More

TI6 DOTA 2 Recap TI6 was incredible. I am still speechless. Even now, weeks after The International 2016 (TI6 DOTA), I still can't think of the right words [...]

Warhammer: Treasure of the Old World

Treasure of the Old World On April 29th, 2016 the Dota team announced a Workshop contest for Warhammer themed sets. A few months later, we have [...]

Trust of the Benefactor 2016 | TI6 Treasure

Trust of the Benefactor 2016 Trust of the Benefactor 2016 immortal treasure was released on August 30th, 2016 to anyone that purchased The International 2016 [...]

Bounty Hunter Items – Buy Cheap DOTA 2 Items

Bounty Hunter Items Here are some items we recommend for putting together an amazing looking Bounty Hunter build for an affordable price. If you want to see [...]

Loot Market Terminates Digital Chaos Sponsorship Deal

Edit 1: We have no issues with David being kicked. We just cited the kicking of a player (him or anyone) without any notice/discussion as an example of a [...]

Underlord Guide – DOTA 2 – Pit Lord

Vrogros the Underlord Guide The 112th and final hero has now been ported over from the original DOTA. Underlord (aka Pitlord) is somewhat of a durable [...]

Neichus – DOTA Pioneer You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Neichus DOTA 2 Pioneer
Are you a fan of Dendi’s Pudge? Or being the Butcher yourself? Have you ever screamed ‘Black Hooole!!’ along with Tobi? Do you like insects, or are you [...]