Chaos of the Infernal Maw – Warlock Set

Chaos of the Infernal Maw Set

Chaos of the Infernal Maw

This Chaos of the Infernal Maw Warlock set comes as an extra drop in the first treasure of the Fall 2016 Battle Pass. The Treasure also contains items for Slark, Venomancer, Night Stalker, Puck, Omniknight and a Rare Anti-Mage set.

Chaos of the Infernal Maw Warlock Set



All set pieces are Mythical quality. There is a total of 7 pieces (9 including Golem and the Loading Screen):

Chaos of the Infernal Maw Items

A preview of the Warlock set and the Golem:

“While some amongst the Ultimyr faculty share concerns regarding the peculiar nature of Chief Curator Lannik’s studies, none can deny that under his watch the Academy’s archives of arcane knowledge have grown incomparably.”

Servant of the Infernal Maw

While the Chaos of the Infernal Maw set looks great, I’d definitely replace the current staff with Hellborn Grasp, in my opinion still one of the best looking Warlock immortals.

Something fun to try out:

Get a friend and lane Kunkka + Warlock in the offlane. You max Fatal Bonds and have him max Tidebringer. I find the combo pretty fun, if you land Fatal Bonds over a whole creepwave plus two heroes and he gets a Tidebringer off its definitely going to hurt. Keep in mind that you don’t have much setup for the Torrent into kills here. Getting someone to join you could make it a bit more effective.