Custom DOTA 2 Couriers – Top 10

Custom DOTA 2 Couriers

DOTA 2 Couriers

Couriers! You are one of those aiming for the stars trying to climb MMR while supporting? Get yourself some amazing custom DOTA 2 couriers. Just imagine that feeling when you start the game and drop one of these sexy couriers. Your team will immediately know you are the real deal and will respect your ability to support (regardless of reality) a lot more.

Note: Keep in mind the prices below were at the time of this writing (October 10th, 2016) and may have changed.

Top DOTA 2 Couriers (#10 to #7)

10. Cluckles the Brave – $0.12

Starting off with a courier for those caught in the nostalgia of the original DotA, back when most players called it “chicken”. If you find yourself thinking about the good old days. Look no further, this one is for you!

DOTA 2 Couriers


9. Coco the Courageous – $0.06

Little red panda who bring drinks along with my items? I was sold the moment I’ve seen it. This little guy is just too cute not to be included in your shuffle!

Coco the Courageous Courier


8. Shroomy – $1.00

Keep in mind that although Shroomy is exclusively for recreational use, Dota should be too!

Shroomy Courier


7. Braze the Zonkey – $3.00

Racing Stripes proved zebras can race! This cool little guy would only be better if he was a deerbra, but that dream is yet to come true.

Braze the Zonkey Courier


6. Nilbog the Mad – $0.15

“…Nilbog has what some might describe as an /”unhealthy/” interest in Greevils. In fact, he spent an incredible amount of time and effort constructing an elaborate costume to allow him to explore and interact with Greevils…” (the lore alone got me to purchase this guy)

Nilbog the Mad Courier


5. The Llama Llama – $0.07

You can’t go wrong with a llama. Why? Easy, here is common footage of llamas spitting in Slark picker’s faces. It seems like llamas possess an ability to notice a Slark, spit in their face, deliver you the items and casually bunnyhop back to base.

The Llama Llama Courier


4. Faceless Rex – $12.00

A living meme and an obvious joke, by the looks of it probably a love story between Void and Disruptor’s mount (whatever that is). Valve had him as some fun art on the side, community noticed, community begged, Valve listened and delivered.

Faceless Rex Courier

3 Best DOTA 2 Couriers

3. Drodo the Druffin  – $90.00

By far the most expensive courier on our DOTA 2 couriers list. I’ve wanted one ever since they appeared at TI2, and hoped for a drop. Unfortunately it didn’t, and I got it only recently. Very happy with the purchase, those googly eyes and wing flapping make him look like schizophrenic who consumed the aforementioned Shroomy.

Collectors might be interested in the Heroic version.

Drodo the Druffin Courier


2. Garran Drywiz and Garactacus – $13.00

As a result of Drodo’s price, I was looking for some other couriers and stumbled upon my current top 2. Shitty wizards! These guys along with Drodo are my current rotation. Just thought they looked really cool, had awesome description, particle effects, every hero has a response for them and, most importantly, they are wizards.

Garran Drywiz and Garactacus Courier


1. Hwytty & Shyzzyrd – $10.00

And finally, to end the list, meet the fabulous, the miraculous duo! Hwytty and Shyzzyrd is my favorite of all the DOTA 2 couriers. Looks cool, the particle effects are nice, and it beats Garran mostly because of the wings in flying mode.

Hwytty & Shyzzyrd Courier

The Shitty Wizard is an inside joke within the Valve staff. It refers to a single person who is “responsible for all Dota 2 bugs”. Adrian Finol, a senior programmer at Valve, is the inspiration for the character.

Finally! We’ve come to an end of this list. Hopefully you’ve received some DOTA 2 courier inspiration! Load up, deploy one of these bad lads, and support your crappy carries to victory! Good luck, have fun!