DOTA 2 Items – Buy While Waiting on Game to Load

Did you know you can buy DOTA 2 items for your hero while you are in the lobby waiting on others to pick?

Let me describe a scenario for you and see if it sounds familiar. You want to pick your hero 4th of 5th because he is easily countered. But your dumbass team has the same idea. You hold out as long as you can and sense a part of you dying as you see the -2 gold scroll across the top for all 5 of your team mates. You panic and pick a hero because few things in life are as aggravating as giving up gold before the game has even started.

So there you sit with your first pick. 9 more to go. What do you do? Well, you likely spin the living hell out of the mouse wheel to see if you can break the character model with epic amounts of centrifugal force. It doesn’t work. You scope out your inventory and see you’re missing some sweet cosmetic items for your arms and head.d

DOTA 2 Items

What if you could spend a few cents and equip some items for this game so you can look baller as hell? Well, you can. Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to get your sweet, sweet DOTA 2 items:

Buy DOTA 2 Items While In Game Lobby

When you are waiting in the lobby, you can alt + tab out to From there, head on over to the browse page and at the top left, search for your hero. You can click the portrait or type it in. This is where you now need to focus. You need to find the appropriate DOTA 2 items that dreams are made of…all before the game starts. It can be a bit pressure packed but as long as you sort by hero and/or item slot, there aren’t too many to quickly browse through.

As DOTA fans ourselves, we think it makes a lot of sense for Valve/Steam to add this functionality within the game for items on the Steam Community Market. But until they do, tabbing out to Loot Market and making your purchase is your best option. Enjoy!