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DOTA 2 Store

DOTA 2 Store

Did you know that there are items offered on Chinese and SEA servers that are NOT on North American or European servers or even on the DOTA 2 Store for each region? We didn’t until recently either. Perfect World and Nexon are Asian companies who deliver some really nice cosmetics…but those items are exclusive , but their items are exclusive to Chinese/Korean servers. You can get, however, still get them on our site, Steam Community Market or by trading.

DOTA 2 Store

Lets start off then, with our favorite Loading Screens by Perfect World:

1. Loading Screens from Treasure of the Glorified Visions (Dire Ancient, Radiant Ancient, Mid Lane & Top Lane)

Dire Ancient Loading Screen Radiant Ancient Loading Screen Mid lane Loading Screen Top lane Loading Screen


2. Hookblade of Skadi

This one looks really nice. We prefer its looks over that hideous immortal. You would maybe want to look into Barb of Skadi and its golden version as those are cheaper alternatives.

Hookblade of Skadi


3. Conch Cudgel

You are saying we can club people to death with a seashell? Hell yeah…we’re in!

Conch Cudgel


4. Hat of the Kraken (we had this one included in our Kunkka set)

We are still waiting for a hat to replace this one in our set. Top notch.

Hat of the Kraken


5. Warrior of the Red Sand

A bit costly but this one is definitely the best looking Sand King set in-game. It looks stunning. We have noticed some people like replacing the tail with Tail of the Scouring Dunes for a little something extra.

Warrior of the Red Sand


6. Hyeonmu

Looks really cool AND has 17 different styles which you can see here. While there is a wide variety of choices I still prefer the first style, and dislike the battle warrior turtle look of other styles 😛



Perfect World made some of our favorite Loading Screens. They also made a great Kunkka set and Sand King set. If you are looking for other cool promo items I suggest you go here. Some of these are pretty hard to come by (expensive!) but you may be able to find a great price from time to time.