DOTA 2 YouTube – Top 5 Best Channels You Should Follow

DOTA 2 YouTube

You already know that the guys over here at Loot Market are huge fans of DOTA 2. We play DOTA, watch streamers, and watch DOTA 2 YouTube videos. We decided to make a YouTube DOTA 2 channels top 5 list. We consider these to be the most interesting DOTA 2 YouTube channels, with frequent, high-quality content updates.

DOTA 2 YouTube

5. TryMike4instance

trymike4instance DOTA 2 YouTube Channel

Channel description: dis de channel where soem dota maymays rea made ok bros

However that sounds, the description is quite good. TryMike4instance is a channel where you want to go for your daily dose of funny DOTA 2 and memes. If you like it, definitely check out mid or meepo too!



4. Dota Watafak

dotawatafak DOTA 2 YouTube Channel

Another meme-filled channel where you go for a good laugh or just to pat yourself on the back for not doing as bad as some people do.



3. Dota D. Bowie

dotadbowie YouTube DOTA 2

Seems like not a lot of people know about Dota D. Bowie, and I hope that changes soon. He is analyzing top players, their decision making and explaining it in a simplistic fashion. I absolutely love his content and recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve!

In addition, if you are more into draft analysis check out ppd (yes, that ppd). For patch analysis I personally go with Merlini. Honorable mentions also include TZJinzo with cool stories / developer interviews, and Fluff’s advices.




2. NoobFromUA

noobfromua DOTA 2 YouTuber

Too busy to watch competitive games? NoobFromUA has you covered! This is a great channel with frequent uploads, featuring highlights from tournaments and pubs. Be sure to also check out hOlyhexOr and definitely his Luck is no Excuse series!



1. DotaCinema



Probably the most famous DOTA 2 YouTube channel, and for a good reason. You can find pretty much anything on Dota Cinema… from plays, fails, treasure opening to workshop content, and everything in between. Frequent uploads, high quality content, and if you are a fan of SirActionSlacks, then you already know about his incredible work on Top Fails series. If for some reason you still haven’t heard of DotaCinema, be sure to do so now!