DOTA Middleman Service

DOTA Middleman Service

Private trading of DOTA 2 items for money is a big industry. If you’re trading with a friend or trusted source, all is well. But what if you want to trade to some random guy online? Most people aren’t silly enough to simply trust that when you send the item, the other party will be good to his word and send the money. This is where having a DOTA middleman service can help you out. The middleman will act as an escrow service between the buyer and the seller.

DOTA Middleman Service

DOTA Middleman Steps

  1. Seller trades item to middleman
  2. Buyer transfers funds to middleman
  3. Middleman transfers item to buyer
  4. Middleman transfers funds to seller

The middleman will only complete steps 3 and 4 once both the item and money are received. Some guys will act as a middleman free of charge just to help out. But many require fees.

DOTA Middleman Scams

The idea of a middleman is great. But what happens if you’re a seller and a buyer approaches you and recommends someone as a middleman. Is the person a trusted middleman or is he just an accomplice that’s working in collision with the buyer to scam you?

You need to make sure you not only use a middleman, but a trusted middleman.

Loot Market as a DOTA Middleman Service

If you don’t have a reliable resource that charges a reasonable fee (or no fee), then you should consider using Loot Market. Loot Market acts as a middleman service. The buying / selling process is similar and completely automated:

  1. Seller lists item on Loot Market (and trades the item to our Steam account)
  2. Buyer deposits money on Loot Market and buys the item
  3. Loot Market trades the item from our Steam account to the buyer’s Steam account
  4. Seller receives the money in his Loot Market wallet which can then be withdrawn via PayPal, Bitcoin, and many other methods.

Loot Market does of course collect a fee for its services. Most people find the selling fee to be very reasonable since you can buy / sell / trade items without having to worry about being scammed.

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