DOTA Wards – The 5 Coolest Custom Wards

Here are our picks for top DOTA Wards, the ones in-ame and in the Workshop. You all know that point in every game when someone requests vision. Of course, you oblige without any back talk. That’s what support players do, right?

At least if you have custom DOTA wards, you’ll blow through your entire net worth in style.

Let’s start this off with all the DOTA Wards we already have in-game. This list is in no particular order. We’ve just picked our favorite 5 wards.

5. Scarecrow

Scarecrow is obtained by leveling the Fall 2016 Battle Pass. A common representation of something that is common on the field, with a pretty common price. This is a cheap, easily obtainable ward that looks great. There is no reason not to have it.

scarecrow - DOTA Wards


4. Ocula the Observer

Just look at him. The eye. The tiny arms and legs. What’s not to love?

ocula the observer - DOTA 2 Ward


3. Wide Angle

Comes with the Free to Play Collector’s Pack, we though this is the most ‘non-Dota’ ward that actually looks great. We love this little camera.

wide angle


2. Knight Statue

Even though we are a bit annoyed by the placement of that eye / distortion of the sword, the rest is stunning. The bird is a nice added touch.

DOTA wards knight statue


1. Fallen Sight

Does it represent your 6-slotted-but-still-useless carry? Or yourself, with that nice Midas rush that’s now proving to be a mistake? In any way, Fallen Sight is there to mock you a bit.

DOTA 2 ward fallen sight



DOTA Wards in the Workshop

Now that we’ve listed all the wards already available within the game, let’s move onto the wards we hope to see there some day. Here are our top three wards from the Workshop:

3. Fallen Scout

You may have noticed a pattern with the Knight Statue and Fallen Sight earlier. And yes, I admit, there is something about warrior wards I personally like, and this one fits the bill.

Artist: DK Fire!

fallen scout

2. Round-UP Buster

As a proud Techies spammer, seeing a Spoon ward made me happy knowing it might end up in the game some day.

Artist: VLEK

round-up buster

1. The Inhabitant of Oak

This would be our definitive favorite if it were in-game, just look at those animations!

Artist: VLEK

the inhabitant of oak


There you have it, hope you like the list. And we have to give a big shoutout to VLEK due to an incredible amount of high quality wards (and sets) he has been supplying the game with! Thanks man!

Load up on wards and get back into the game with endless vision and confidence, only to be crushed with a carry constantly dying and pinging due to lack of vision. GL!