Juggernaut Arcana – Bladeform Legacy Bundle Revealed

Juggernaut Arcana

After an anxious wait, the Juggernaut Arcana has finally arrived. On March 15th, 2017 the Bladeform Legacy update was released. Within this update, the announcement of the Juggernaut arcana: Bladeform Legacy Bundle.

Juggernaut Arcana

To celebrate the release of the Juggernaut arcana, we’re giving away 2! This giveaway ends in late March, 2017.

Juggernaut Arcana Giveaway

With the release of this arcana, there are now 10 total. Juggernaut joins the DOTA arcana elite with Lina, Techies, Terrorblade, Legion Commander, Shadow Fiend, Zeus, Phantom Assassin, Crystal Maiden, and Monkey King.

This one is particularly special since it was the DOTA community that chose the hero. Those who owned The International 2016 Battle Pass got to vote for which hero should have an arcana made for them. The finals came down to IO, a rarely played hero, vs Juggernaut, one of the most popular heroes. The memes flew around the world as IO garnered community support. But when the dust settled, Juggernaut won 52% to 48% in this head-to-head battle.

You get quite a bit with this bundle:

  • Animations for loadout, alternate run, teleport, and victory
  • Custom kill effect, triggered after lethal crit or Omnislash (or on triple kills and above)
  • New effects for crits, bladeflury, and omnislash
  • Dragon spirit ancestor
  • Altered voice pack
  • Custom hero portrait
  • Custom Dragon Spirit emoticon

This one shares some similarities to the Monkey King arcana but definitely has a lot of uniqueness to it.