Kunkka Sets and Item Recommendations

Kunkka Sets

Do you play a lot of Kunkka? Then you might as well torrent and Ghostship in style! No need to look for any other Kunkka sets. We’ve put together a stunning Kunkka set for you. While these items may only be cosmetic, your enemies will be paralyzed by the beauty of your garments, succumbing to a jealousy-induced self-stun.
Kunkka Sets and Item Recommendations

If you want to see the this Kunkka set or any other Kunkka sets from other angles, check out DotaLoadout or D2Armory.

Kunkka Set Prices:

Steam Community Market: $44.60
Loot Market: $35.47

You save 20% ($9.13)

Note: These were the prices as of the time of this writing and will certainly have changed.

Complete Kunkka Set:

1. Hat of the Kraken (~25% cheaper than Steam)

Hat of the Kraken

2. Old Ironsides Pauldrons (~20% cheaper than Steam)

Old Ironsides Pauldrons

3. Old Ironsides Gauntlet (no available listings, previous lowest used in total price | Steam Market link)

Old Ironsides Gauntlet

4. Kunkka’s Shadow Blade (~20% cheaper than Steam)

Kunkka's Shadow Blade

5. Wavecrester (~23% cheaper than Steam)

Kunkka Wavecrester

6. Ye Olde Pipe (~38% cheaper than Steam)

Kunkka Item Sets - Ye Olde Pipe

7. Ceremonial Rapier (not available, not counted in the total price | Steam Market link)


8. Pegleg of the Cursed Pirate (~29% cheaper than Steam)

Pegleg of the Cursed Pirate


Till next time, happy Torrenting!

Kunkka the Admiral is an adaptable melee hero with a munitions stockpile of intense range of-impact spells. Two of his dynamic spells are nukes that have long response times, however can disable and disturb the foes’ position. He is generally played as a support or an initiator or even a spell nuker. He is known for his Tidebringer sword, which gives him the capacity to sever a vast region around him with substantial potential damage on his next assault. Torrent calls upon the component of water to rise and burst out, deal damage, disable them, and slow them on impact.