Loot Market Sponsors Team NP

We are really excited to continue our support of the DOTA scene as we engage in a sponsorship with Team NP

Team NP Loot Market Sponsorship

We are thrilled to know that our sponsorship dollars have helped Team NP alleviate some financial concerns. This will enable them to worry a bit less about the semantics of running an organization and allow them to focus more on the game itself.

First a deal with a hot sauce company, and now a sponsorship deal with Loot Market? EE knows what he’s doing. The boys will be dropping spicy memes and winning games with the sexiest skins imaginable.

Best of luck to EternalEnVy, AUI_2000, MSS, SVG, and 1437 and the rest of the Team NP organization!

PS: We don’t know what the hell NP means either. 🙁