Loot Market Statement Regarding Valve’s New Policy

Loot Market was started by gamers, for gamers. Our mission is to make the best experience to buy and sell virtual items. The main benefit of Loot Market is to be a safe and secure platform to trade items. Over time we have and will continue to add valuable features for both buyers and sellers. We want to see the item economies flourish as well as gameplay itself.

Loot Market is not and never has been a gambling website. Loot Market is a virtual item marketplace securely connecting buyers with sellers.

Valve recently made a public statement regarding their position on using their API in order to run a gambling business. It is quite clear that item / skin gambling is currently NOT allowed by Valve. We recommend that all users use caution when visiting gambling websites, as they will likely be shut down in the future.

At this time, we do not believe that Valve will take a stance against marketplaces such as Loot Market. We hope to continue operations, providing a reliable, trusted way for people to buy and sell items.

If we become aware of any change in Valve’s TOS we will notify all customers immediately so they can retrieve their items and/or funds from their Loot Market balances.