Loot Market Terminates Digital Chaos Sponsorship Deal

Edit 1: We have no issues with David being kicked. We just cited the kicking of a player (him or anyone) without any notice/discussion as an example of a lack of communication which we think is unacceptable.

Edit 2 (August 28th, 2016): Digital Chaos has apologized and provided us with a full refund.

Back in April 2016, we saw a lot of potential with the revamped Digital Chaos team and engaged in a sponsorship deal. We agreed on a handful of deliverables for a fixed monthly payment.We asked repeatedly when these would be fulfilled, continuing to remain engaged with extreme patience. Five months have passed and DC has failed to deliver on key items in the agreement. Multiple inquiries throughout the past month, to our DC liaison, have been ignored.

Solid communication is a pillar of any successful organization. The communication here and the recent kicking of David “Moo” Hull (done through a message, without notice) is unacceptable to us.

We would have loved to continue operations with Digital Chaos, especially with their recent 2nd place finish at TI6, pushing their exposure to an all time high. Unfortunately, we cannot work with an organization that does not deliver on its contractual obligations and/or does not communicate with its partners.

We wish Digital Chaos, players and management alike, continued success and hope that they’re able to improve their communication with future partners.