Melonzz Interview – Pro DOTA Player for compLexity Gaming

Melonzz Interview Kyle Swindlezz Freedman

Complexity Gaming has been going through a period of transition. Having missed out on spots at StarLadder and DAC the team have made some roster changes leaving them facing the dreaded NA Open Qualifiers to make it to Kiev. Before it, all kicks of we managed to sit down with Kyle “swindezz” Freedman aka melonzz. We hope you enjoy this melonzz interview!

Melonzz Interview Kyle Swindlezz Freedman

The team has recently been through a roster change. How has 747 been settling in? 

Very well. He’s talented and focused, no attitude problems, just a dude like us who wants to play the best Dota he possibly can.

As the roster change was made after the roster lock, what are your thoughts on having to work through the open qualifiers to make it to the regional qualifiers?

No biggie to be honest. If we can’t make it through the opens with FOUR spots available we have no business at the Major anyway. Obviously, we aren’t taking it lightly, but to us, it just means we have to play a longer qualifier.

In the last 2 regional qualifying events you have finished 3rd behind NP and DC. How has this affected the mindset of the team heading into the qualifiers for Kiev?

Hasn’t affected us at all. We were a different team at the time, and plan on performing better than we have in the past.

How has the 7.00 and subsequent patches affected the style of the team?

It’s been a boon to our style of play in my opinion. We always enjoyed playing high-tempo strategies and heroes, and the new patch (re: SHRINES!!) allow for far more aggression without the risks in draft and execution we would have been forced to take in the past.

What has been your favorite LAN that you have attend and why?

That’s an impossible choice, to be honest, there have just been far too many amazing experiences. Manila will always have a special place in my heart – such incredible people, the nightlife was amazing, and Shannon threw us a party every night at the hotel :P. I guess that one will have to take the cake.

What is the best thing about playing on the same team as your brother?

Other than him being a damn good Dota player, he’s one of the only people alive that “gets” me. Our brainwaves operate on the same frequency, and as we’ve known each other for literally forever & trust each other there’s no need for pussyfooting. We can just be honest and straightforward about any issues we might need to solve.

What is the worst thing about playing on the same team as your brother?

No escape! Haha, even on vacations we go to visit the same damn family! There’s really no break from one another because when we aren’t Dota teammates we’re in the real world as brothers with a HUGE family that we usually visit together (as our vacation times just always seem to line up).

If you could no longer play Dota professionally what other esport would you like to get into?

I’d exit esports and immediately begin my backup career, wandering the streets as a vagabond hobo with a funny sign.

What is your favorite thing about being a pro gamer?

Going on stage. Feeling the power and passion of the crowd. It’s exhilarating. Playing Dota against the best in the world with an audience in front of you is just nuts. If it weren’t for LANs I don’t think I’d have nearly the same appreciation for what I do with my life.

What is your least favorite thing about being a pro gamer?

Sitting down for HOURS a day.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new player in the scene what would it be?

It’s simple, not easy. Work hard. Never give up. Always improve. True competition is to be better than the man you were yesterday, not to defeat or surpass someone else.

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