Ogre Magi Set (DOTA 2)

Ogre Magi Set

You know how they say “good luck, have fun”? Well if Ogre has luck the enemies definitely aren’t having any. Now, if you are a fan of gambling, and clubbing people to death while shouting DING DING DING, why not do it in style with an Ogre Magi set? We put together a fancy set for you, good luck with your rolls, have fun winning!

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Ogre Set Prices:

Steam Community Market: $5.07
Loot Market: $3.75

You save 26% ($1.32)

Note: These were the prices as of the time of this writing and will certainly have changed.

Complete Ogre Set:

1. Auspice of the Whyrlegyge (~25% cheaper than Steam)

Auspice of the Whyrlegyge - Ogre Magi Item


2. Helmet and hood of the Antipodeans (~40% cheaper than Steam)

Helmet and hood of the Antipodeans (Ogre Magi Set Item)


3. Champion’s Belly Belt (~20% cheaper than Steam)

Ogre Magi Champion's Belly Belt


4. Golden Walrus Whacker (~15% cheaper than Steam)

Golden Walrus Whacker (Ogre Magi Weapon)


5. Shield and Bracelet of the Antipodeans (~15% cheaper than Steam)

Shield and Bracelet of the Antipodeans


Till next time, happy clubbing! Good luck making a name for yourself!



Ogre Magi is your every team’s simpleton, that guy with two heads, both useless. Or at least he seems like one. With some luck, his skill starts to show – however that sounds. A tanky melee intelligence support with great base armor and HP regen, making Ogre Magi one of few melee supports good at harassing the enemy offlane. Ogre offers great burst potential and pushing power to the team, if lucky enough is one of most frustrating heroes to play against. Ignite for harass and push, Fireblast for disable and burst, Bloodlust for man-fighting and pushing power. Add Multicast to pump it all up and you are ready to start gambling! Just keep in mind, you have to be skilled enough for Multicast to work, but at least you can do it in style with a sweet, sweet Ogre Magi Set 😉