Aui Interview – Pro Dota Player for Team NP

Aui_2000 Interview Team NP is amongst the most loved teams in competitive Dota 2. 2017 started well for NP as they were able to qualify for DAC. Since then, however, things have been going downhill for Team NP. After a disappointing performance in the Kiev Major NA Qualifiers, we managed to catch up with Carry player and TI winner Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling. We hope you enjoy [...]

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Trust of the Benefactor 2016 | TI6 Treasure

Trust of the Benefactor 2016 Trust of the Benefactor 2016 immortal treasure was released on August 30th, 2016 to anyone that purchased The International 2016 Battle Pass. It [...]

Bounty Hunter Items – Buy Cheap DOTA 2 Items

Bounty Hunter Items Here are some items we recommend for putting together an amazing looking Bounty Hunter build for an affordable price. If you want to see these Bounty [...]

Loot Market Terminates Digital Chaos Sponsorship Deal

Edit 1: We have no issues with David being kicked. We just cited the kicking of a player (him or anyone) without any notice/discussion as an example of a lack of [...]

Underlord Guide – DOTA 2 – Pit Lord

Vrogros the Underlord Guide The 112th and final hero has now been ported over from the original DOTA. Underlord (aka Pitlord) is somewhat of a durable support, with quite an [...]

Neichus – DOTA Pioneer You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Are you a fan of Dendi’s Pudge? Or being the Butcher yourself? Have you ever screamed ‘Black Hooole!!’ along with Tobi? Do you like insects, or are you just a support [...]

Loot Market Statement Regarding Valve’s New Policy

Loot Market was started by gamers, for gamers. Our mission is to make the best experience to buy and sell virtual items. The main benefit of Loot Market is to be a safe and [...]

Interview with a Dota 2 Cosplayer – Angelina Ambrosch

We’ve had the chance to chat with Dota 2 cosplayer Angelina Ambrosch. You may have seen her previous apparitions as female Bloodseeker at ESL One Frankfurt 2015 and [...]

Meet the Manila Major Broadcast Team

The Manila Major - the third of the Dota 2 Major series - has finally ended the watch and Valve/PGL has announced the talent that will be covering the Group Stages and the [...]