Thoughts on Team NP Roster Change and Comments from Envy

Back on April 6th, it was announced that Team NP would be parting ways with both SVG and 1437. This filled fans with disappointment, as the anime team began to fall apart. As in every good anime, it seems as if NP are now transitioning to the next level. The release of SVG and 1437 came as no surprise to fans as NP had missed out on qualification to Kiev as well as some other minor tournaments.

Once the announcement was made the rumour mill began churning out potential new teammates for Envy and the squad. Finally after over a month of waiting the new Team NP roster was finally announced.

Team NP – The Announcement

On May 3rd, it was announced that Team NP would be reuniting Envy with former teammates Fata and PieLieDie. Reuniting Envy with his old Cloud 9 teammates has certainly strengthened Team NP. Along with this announcement, it was also confirmed that Aui would be returning to the 4 position once again.

Arguably the most important announcement was that Envy would no longer display his world class mid lane skills. No longer will we see his Basillus rush. No longer will we see his tower dives 2 minutes in. Perhaps the biggest crime is that no longer will we be treated to the best Invoker plays in the history of Dota 2.

Watching this video, it’s hard to understand why NP never won a LAN…

The New Team NP

We reached out to Envy to get his thoughts on his new team, here is what he had to say:

What are your thoughts on the new team?

  • We’re definitely a full retard crazy team

Talk about stating the obvious. Pretty sure they should change the name to Team No TP. Maybe Envy and Fata have learnt from DAC 2015.

Why did you decide to pick up Pie and Fata?

  • We wanted to get a bunch of second places and I knew this would give us the highest chance to achieve that.

Nice to see Envy aiming high as always.

Team NP

Team NP – The Future

All jokes aside, this team looks very strong. With Envy back playing carry and Aui playing position four. All the players are back in the correct positions. This time last year, Fata was one of the most consistent mid players and this will take a lot of the pressure of Envy. MSS has proved time and time again that he is a top tier offlaner that is able to heavily influence games. Pie will bring a wealth of experience to the side, as well as so much need solidity in the support position.

This NP team looks strong enough to pressure EG and Thunderbirds domestically and also compete on an international stage.

It is now full steam ahead as Team NP try to build up some momentum heading into the treacherous TI7 regional qualifiers.