TI6 Immortal Treasures – Top 5 Items

TI6 Immortal Treasures

TI6 immortal treasures were released throughout TI6. From those treasures, there were quite a few awesome drops. Let’s take a look at their prices and how much money you can save on these items.

The list here covers our top 5 favorite picks, let us know which ones are yours 🙂

TI6 Immortal Treasures

Top 5 TI6 Immortal Treasures Items

Note: These were the prices as of the time of this writing (Sept 21st, 2016) and will certainly have changed.

5. Fortune’s Tout (~17% cheaper than Steam)

Fortune's Tout Juggernaut Immortal


  • Steam Market: $0.60
  • Loot Market: $0.50

It’s a cat on the Internet, so this one works its way into the top 5 immortal treasures items by default. Seriously though, this one is quite interesting as the model was inspired by Maneki-neko, a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm) which is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Also has a golden version, although we prefer the look of this one.

4. Auspice of the Whyrlegyge (~13% cheaper than Steam)

Ogre Magi Auspice of the Whyrlegyge

  • Steam Market: $0.77
  • Loot Market: $0.67

If an item reminds me of the best moment of one of the best games at TI6, then it deserves to be on the list.

This is a relatively controversial item, some people really dislike it and are linking the Character Art Guide (that Valve published but forgot to give an example by sticking to it). I honestly couldn’t care less, if I can club you to death and kill your carry while shouting this at the top of my lungs then its good.

Oh and, we have a whole mixed set going with it, check it the ogre magi set here.

3. Mulctant Pall (~11% cheaper than Steam)

Mulctant Pall Lion Shoulders

  • Steam Market: $2.02
  • Loot Market: $1.80


I really like how Valve is sort of sticking to a theme with some of these immortals. This one pairs up amazingly with Fin King’s Charm (the 2014 immortal).

If you said a water-ish theme would look good on Lion I wouldn’t believe you but add Abyssal Hellclaw to the mix and it looks great!

There is also a red, Crimson Witness version of this that looks amazing, and is definitely a nice pickup if you have money to spare. You can get it by opening Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2016 that was awarded to players who witnessed a First Blood at TI6 live event in Seattle.

2. Controlled Burn (~10% cheaper than Steam)

Timbersaw Immortal Controlled Burn


  • Steam Market: $0.61
  • Loot Market: $0.55

This little tool got me playing Timbersaw again, forgot how much the hero is fun (and honestly OP a bit) and I’m really digging the style.

I use it in combination with my favorite, iceiceice’s Timberthaw set for the look-good-while-lumberjacking feel!

1. Dark Artistry (~17% cheaper than Steam)

Dark Artistry Invoker Set

  • Steam Market: $103.00
  • Loot Market: $85.75

My absolute favorite, got this bad boy for $80,09 and haven’t stopped wetting my pants since.

Spent the last couple of days deciding which Forge Spirits should I go for with the set. Infernus with that badass armor, is the best look by far, IMO. Hairstyle of choice here is definitely the Super Saiyan! We all saw only EE uses the default one and we all saw his Invoker 😀

I’ve actually had a discussion with a friend recently. If a darker theme would suit Invoker more than white. We agreed that white is still the best but after seeing this set in-game it didn’t take us too long to change opinions and purchase the set.


Jared on TI6 immortals


Till next time, happy Looting!