Today at DAC – DAC Group Stage Day 1

Day 1 of the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 saw that start of Group Stages. With all twelve teams in action, day 1 of the DAC group stage was full of highs and lows. Let’s take a look back at what happened throughout the day.

Team NP – DAC Group Stage Day 1

There were several question marks hanging over NP heading into DAC, but like any great team they put these questions behind them and had an impressive day 1 of the DAC Group Stage. NP would finish the day of with a 2-2 record leaving them

Team NP – DAC Group Stage Series of the Day

NP v EG DAC Group Stage

NP kicked off day one with a rival showdown with EG. In a series that would eventually end 1-1 NP gave a great account of themselves. They showed the composure and late game prowess that they are known for. In an hour long game with a Slark and Invoker, EG should have been favorites. Instead, NP controlled the game and would eventually eek out the win. Game 2 was rough for NP with the game being in EG’s control for the entirety. Although EternalEnVy showed his normal enigmatic playstyle by picking up a Divine Rapier as his second major item. Whilst the Rapier proved beneficial in holding the high ground. EG would eventually overwhelm NP and take the game to tie the series.

Cosmetic Set – DAC Group Stage Day 1

Cosmetic set of DAC Group Stage Day 1

The Mistral Fiend set for Abaddon – created by Celth

Day 1 of the DAC Group Stage, saw a total of 70 heroes picked at least once. Abaddon was picked up a total of 5 times and did not win a single game. However, with the Mistral Fiend set, Abaddon at least looked threatening during each loss.

The set transforms Abaddon into a menacing Samurai riding into battle on his astral stead. This is a set that I personally use and would recommend any of my fellow Abaddon players to use!

Game of the Day – DAC Group Stage Day 1

If you can catch only one game from today, it should definitely be Team Liquid v Newbee. In a game that saw Sccc hit a 5 man Black Hole whilst playing Storm Spirit, followed by a 5 man ravage from Kpii whilst play Slardar, this game had everything. For a perfect example of how to defeat an Alchemist or how to have perfect team fight, this game is a must.


Day 1 of the DAC Group Stage was full of upsets and amazing plays, Day 2 looks set to be an awesome day of Dota. Good luck to all the teams in attendance!