Our Steam accounts have been trade banned, impacting our operations. Click here for more information.

2.15.4 Limiting Garbage

Limit to the number of duplicate items listed
There is a new limit of 200 listings per item. This really only affects cases as there are just a ton of these. No one really wants them so we are not going to accept more that 200 at a time. Remember there are NO FEES on items under $0.10
Fixed default browse pages to not have troll items.
We now have multiple giveaways at the same time!

Seasons Greetings.

2.14.2 Forgot to update this...

Added Monkey King
Added CSGO Gloves icon
Updated Steam inventory api

2.10.3 Fixed Browsing, again again again

Improved Buy Orders Page
Now when viewing your existing buy orders, you will see a total number of orders placed, and value of buy orders.
Browsing by 'newest -> oldest' works again.
Additionally, pagination has been added back to browse pages by default again.

2.10.2 Better Browsing

Browse Dota Heroes
You can now browse your favorite heroes, and see item sets available for them directly. Browse Heroes
Improved Testimonials
We've redone how we display our testimonials, and will be adding more in the near future. Is Loot Market Legit?
Prevented 'ghost' item warning showing for every single user.

2.8.5 Greevils 2: The Greeviling

Greevil Styles Added
Users can now see which styles/parts Greevils have.
Search page pagination fixed
Elite Re-Subscribe Error Fixed

2.8.4 Steam Wallet Codes Direct

New Payment Methods
Some users may see new payment methods depending on their region.
Sort By Recently Released Items
You can now sort by recently released items.
Added Default Search Sections
The default state on the search pages now contain both recent listings and new items.
Various bug fixes

2.6.1 Steam Wallet Codes Direct

Directly purchase steam codes.
You can now directly buy steam wallet codes and have them instantly delivered to your account.
Updated transactions page
Made the transactions list page more beautiful. It now has links for which items match buy orders that were placed as well.
Added proper icon for CSGO Graffiti

2.5.2 Nothing to see here.

Framework upgrades preparing for new search.
In preparation for a new search backend we have upgraded our application framework.
Rounding error on cart calculations
Some users were unable to checkout due to a float precision error on checkout.
Multiple cache fixes

2.4.2 Introducing Offers! again

Offers by AdscendMedia are back
We're going to try this going to try this again - lets hope it lasts! Check out offers
Revised Notification Styles
Should no longer block page content.
Items with No Max Price can be listed for sale again.
A bug had forced No Max Price items to be set at $0.00, which prevented users from selling them. This should be fixed.
Fixed fee display issues on Inventory with items below $0.10

2.4.1 It's All Gone To Bits

Deposit Bitcoin directly via Coinbase
No more G2A when you deposit with btc.
Deposit any amount over $0.20 USD
$3.22? $4.04? $313.37? It's all good.
Items not marketable on Steam no longer show in your overpriced listings
Refresh inventory button is back for CS:GO

2.3.2 Fiddy's Younger Brother

All items less than $0.10 now accepted
Any item listed for under $0.10 has 0 fees too.
Advanced Search stays hidden until you open it again
Fixed issue with withdrawing items taking +5min

2.1.4 Gem fixes + Gitcoin Deposits

Fixes more issues with Gems
The Early Roshan now displays properly. Items with multiple sockets (but all are empty) now show empty sockets.
Gitcoin Deposits
More details coming soon.

2.1.3 Improved Listings & Inventory

Listings & Inventory Refresh
Your Listings, and Inventories have gotten a visual refresh to keep them in line with our search pages. Enjoy!
Blog Posts
Homepage now pulls in a feed of latest blog posts from https://www.lootmarket.com/dota-csgo-news
Multiple bugfixes
Several bug fixes for displayed values, item pages, tournament info, etc.

2.1.2 Bugfixes

Multiple bugfixes
Thank you for the reports of issue with new item pages. A number of minor issues have been fixed.
Deposit fee changes.
G2A will be applying a minor fee (2-4%) on deposits. This fee is dependant on the payment method.

1.53.1 Item Page 3.0

Completely Redesign Item Pages
New item page redesign now available! Check recent sales changes, see styles unlocks and gems, view similar items. Watch out for an improved Sales History in a coming update.
Prevent buying your own items
Some people still managed to find ways to do this, we've added more protection against it.

1.52.2 Anniversary Release

Your Listings Now Marked
Now there is a nice little label for your listings. Hopefully you won't be buying your own items anymore.
Additional Messaging Around Payment Delays
Fixed instant sale display bug
Was previously showing the last option, now showing the first.

1.50.2 New Search

Search Improvements
Fixed certain resolutions, added the ability to hide the left sidebar on search.
Additional Transaction Pages
View your Sales and Purchases directly.

1.50.1 New Search

Search Updated
Overhauled search design.
Fixed bug with setting prices via up arrow on your listing pages

1.49.2 Become Loot Elite

Loot Elite
Loot Elite is a premium membership to Loot Market. Subscribe today to reap the benefits.
Loot Elite offers several new features, read about them here.
Loot Shops!
Personalized Loot Shops - share your items via your own Storefront. Loot Shops are available for Loot Elite members at this time.
Withdraw request must have verified email.
You must have a verified email account in order to make any new withdraw request.
Trade URL Must Match
Your trade url MUST match your account that you are logged into. You may not send items to alt accounts anymore.
Offers have been removed.
The offer walls have now been removed. They may come back in the future but have been removed for now.

1.49.1 One Whole Dollar

Deposit Any Dollar Amount Over $5
Now you can deposit $6, $19 or even $322.

1.47.1 New Site Navigation

All New Navigation
Completely redone navigation, it's beautiful!
Adjusted Withdrawal Timings
Bitcoin and Paypal timings have been adjusted.
Fixed a bug with not receiving Cashback
Improved name checking, and now receive cashback on Buy Orders.
Fixed a bug with Perk Dates
Sales Perk end dates should now be calculated properly.

1.46.1 Beta Storefronts and A New Perk!

User Storefronts Beta
Personalized storefronts are on their way! In the meantime, please check out the stores for our beta partners.
1% Cashback Perk!
Adding "LootMarket.com" to your Steam profile name will now get you 1% cashback on all purchases over $1 USD! You can see if it's activated on the new perks page.
New Perks Page

1.45.3 Overpriced Listings

Users are notified of overpriced listings.
We want your items to sell FAST! So we have made a new feature to quickly update all listings that are 10% or more above the Steam Community Market price. You can modify the email notifications for this feature here
Visa/Mastercard Withdraws removed.
Yet again, our provider has disabled this functionality. Removed until further notice.
Just some minor bugfixes. Nothing to see here.

1.45.1 The Steam Code Update!

Withdraw via Steam Codes!
You can now withdraw funds via Steam Codes. There are NO fees for withdrawing via Steam Codes. Note: Codes are in Euros.
Deposit in any increment of $5.
$5, $35, $195, you name it!
Visa/Mastercard withdraws are back!
This withdraw method is back and in BETA. Please note that this withdraw option may be removed at any time.

1.44.2 Buy Orders are Back!

Buy Orders (again)!
We've fixed our issues with Buy Orders, things should run smoothly again. Happy Looting!

1.44.1 Happy Birthday America

Note: The United States Of America is NOT 2016 years old.
Now Accepting Items/Skins worth $0.10 USD or more
You can now list skins/items that are worth $0.10 USD or more (down from $0.25 USD).
Misc bugfixes.
Upgrades to bots to handle more steam edge cases.


Summer Special - No Sales Fees
Introducing 0% Fees on Sales. Our Summer Special is here! You can read more about our current fees here.
Gem changes during promotion
Durring the Summer Special the following changes to gems will be active.
1. No Gems will be awarded for sales
2. Gems will not be required for buy orders.
Buy orders disabled.
We are working on some changes to buy orders and have diabled any new buy orders from being created. Existing orders can be canceled or filled.

1.43.1 Oh you know, just fixing things.

SEO Updates
Just some general cleanup for search engines.
Improve Pagespeed
Gotta go fast (because Google says so)
Whitespaces in fields will no longer cause errors.
Fixed another bug with trade url validation.

1.42.3 Accounting for all that stuff

My Account, expanded!
We've finally expanded the My Account section. You can now find your settings, referrals, and purchases in My Account.
My Account
New How to Sell page!
Trade Window now display post-fee totals and currency conversion.
Fixed a bug with trade url validation.

1.42.2 No More Horsing Around

Items are now able to be priced up to 10% above Steam prices.
Previously it was mandatory to list items under the Steam price. In order to compensate for market fluctuation we are allowing users to list items 10% above the Steam price.
Inspect button added to CS:GO inventories
Added a boatload of missing translations for Russian users.
Using Streamer / Partner codes now eligiable to give gem bonus.
Changes to the onboarding process
We now only require an email to get started on Loot Market. We ask for your trade url once you try to deposit/withdraw an item.
Search in Firefox now scrolls to the top when changing pages.
Buy Order error message displayed when logged out instead of blank.

1.41.2 The Great Buy Order Era

Buy Orders!
Buy orders are now available, you can read more about them here:
About Buy Orders.

1.41.1 Just Bug Fixes.

Filter Duplicate Items
You can now filter your inventory to only show duplicate items.
Can withdraw exactly $5 again.
Edge users can view withdrawal form.
Converted currencies display correctly in cart.

1.40.1 Lower Fees

Major change in withdraw fees.
We have made some significant changes to the withdraw fee structure. The fees are now different for each processing method. If you previously spent gems in order to reduce your fees, those gems have been refunded back to your account.

1.39.2 Squishy

Fixed limited use items.
Limited use items (Artificer's Hammer) now show 1 use for items where steam decides to leave out this info.
Various Fixes, thanks to feedback
Thanks to /u/imgeez pointing out some bugs, we've cleaned up a bunch of them.
Wear Value Reporting Fixed
No longer having lengthy delays between item listing, and wear values being reported.
Escrow FAQ Lives again
Accidentally deleted this, purposefully put it back.
Redirected some dead urls
Removed some pages, now redirect properly.
Fixed a typo on CS:GO Listings
Title doesn't say DOTA 2 anymore. Thanks for reporting /u/Menghwashere

1.39.1 Pesos and Lira an Bears Oh My

FAQ 2.0
All new Frequently Asked Questions page. More detailed answers, and search for information.
Added more currency options
Users can now estimate items in Chilean Pesos and Turkish Lira.
Added withdraw validation for Webmoney transactions.
Please ensure you are using the Webmoney Purse that starts with Z when making webmoney requests.

1.38.3 BFFS

New and Improved Giveaways
New Giveaways sytem, new ways for you to enter. Check out the new Giveaways
Brand New Partners Pages
We've finally updated the Partners Pages. You can now see our Dota 2 Partners and CS:GO Partners.

1.38.2 Free Money

Added offers section
Users can now complete random offers like surveys and downloads to get credit on Loot Market. #nosupportgiven

1.38.1 Home Improvement

Removed Direct Credit Card Withdrawals
Our multiple processors are currently having issues, removed for now.
Improved Trade Window Messaging (Again)
All error states completed, less confusion when a bot cancels a trade.
Pricing Warnings on Checkout
If an item doesn't have sufficient pricing details, will also been shown on Checkout.
Fixed Purchases Trading
No longer receive "Whoops" error when trying to click Begin Trade multiple times.
Remove items from Trade Window
When clicking remove from a Trade, no longer deletes entire trade.

1.37.5 Credit Where Credit's Due

Improved promo/referral code process
Users can now see who they were referred by and if they're using a promo code.
Improved Trade Window Messaging
Improving errors, and status updates for using trade window.

1.37.4 Improved Bots

Improved Bots
A ground up rewrite of our trading system. It may not appear changed, but it functions much better under the hood.
Added Changelog Page
This page will now contain a list of all changes to the site. You may have previously seen these changes on the Loot Market blog
Smaller Item Cards
Adjusted the size of item cards across various resolutions. Should be a bit tighter.

1.37.3 Mo Money, Mo Places

More Currency Displays
When adjusting your displayed currency, it will now show in more places. Inventory, Browse, Item View, My listings, Deposits all display converted currencies.
Trade Window Fixes
Fixed some errors, works nicer with our bots.
Checkout Fixes
Less errors when checking out.

1.36.2 Back On Track

Inventory Loading Improvements
Larger inventories are handled much better, as well as improved messaging states in case something goes wrong.
Qiwi & Direct Credit are back
We've brought these withdrawal methods back once again.
Display Sold Stickers
Previously sold items with no stickers will now say “No Stickers”.
CSGO Listings back in Mobile Nav

And before that... lots of stuff.
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