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Loot Market charges a 10% fee on each item sold by default. These can be reduced to as little as 5% using our Perks system. When withdrawing from Loot Market, fees vary per method.

We deduct the fees from your Loot Market wallet. You will NOT pay additional fees to the payment service/provider. We cover those for you.

Fees Breakdown

Sales Fees
Fee Unlock Cost
10% default Loot Elite
9% +7,500 +3,750
8% +50,000 +25,000
7% +150,000 +75,000
6% +200,000 +100,000
5% +500,000 +250,000
Withdrawal Fees
Service Timing Flat Fee % Fee Minimum Maximum
paypal 3-7 Days - 3% $5.00 $2,500.00
btc 3-8 Days $0.50 2% $5.00 $2,500.00
skrill 3-8 Days - 7.5% $5.00 $2,500.00

Sales Fee Reduction

Sales fees can be reduced through our perks / rewards system. The more you use the site to buy and sell items. The more Gems you will receive in order to reduce your sales fees. You can learn more about perks here.

Additional Withdrawal Methods

We are always adding more withdraw methods. If there is a method that works best for you or your country that is not listed above please contact support with your suggestions.

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