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How to find us

Digital Items and Entertainment Inc
70 York St Suite 1560
Toronto ON Canada M5J 1S9

Phone: 740-518-5668

Meet the team

Ryan White

CTO, Engineer

  • On Twitter: @ryantology
  • By Email: ryan@lootmarket.com

Kevin Wimer


  • On Twitter: @kevinace
  • By Email: kevin@lootmarket.com

Kurt Krumme

Head of Product

  • On Twitter: @burtbrumme
  • By Email: kurt@lootmarket.com

Paul Morrison

Product Engineer

  • On Twitter: @iamunr
  • By Email: paul@lootmarket.com

Jon Levstein

Product Engineer

  • On Twitter: @jlevstein
  • By Email: jonathan@lootmarket.com

Jessica Ho

Product Engineer

Jeff Rose

Product Engineer

Jennifer G.

Customer Delight Hero

  • help@lootmarket.com

Bruno M.

Customer Delight Hero

  • help@lootmarket.com

Daniel A.

Customer Delight Hero

  • help@lootmarket.com

Jeff G.

Customer Delight Hero

  • help@lootmarket.com

Karlo K.

Customer Delight Hero

  • help@lootmarket.com

Heroes never die

and we've made something new that we think you're gonna like.

Loot League
Go win some stuff!!!

Wondering what happened to Loot Market?

You can read about it here.

IMAGE BY FujitsuYoung

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