Our Steam accounts have been trade banned, impacting our operations. Click here for more information.

General (4)

Is This Legit?

Why yes, yes it is! Since launching in December 2015, we've helped tens of thousands of people turn their items into real cash.

We also have some great partners and people who can vouch for us!

Should I use a Third Party Browser Extension?

Loot Market does not make any Browser Extensions.

You should use extreme caution when installing Browser Extensions for Loot Market. If the extension claims to be official this is a false statement. Typically these extensions are made with Malware intended to steal your items, not to help you.

Examples of Extensions you SHOULD NOT INSTALL:

  • LootMarkter inventory checker

  • LootMarket Skins Checker

  • LootMarket Find stolen items

These extensions are made specifically to scam items.

Is Loot Market Safe?

Absolutely. The fundamental reason that we built Loot Market is to ensure safe trading of items for real money. There is zero risk for sellers to be scammed and/or lose their item without being paid. We will never pass fraud liabilities on to our customers. You can buy and sell at Loot Market safely, guaranteed.

Why Should I Use Loot Market?

Because we LOVE our customers and work hard to please them! The real answer is quite lengthy, but let's try the short list:

  • Live support - we're always ready to help answer any questions and solve any problems you have.

  • We absorb all fees for depositing funds. No more paying $15 for your $10 deposit! We take care of that for you.

  • We include ALL fees for withdrawing funds. The fees that would be charged by the service provider are included in your withdraw fees.

  • Risk free - you can take back your items at any time and we take all fraud liabilities.

  • You can lower your fees with gems! Don't pay for lower fees, use your gems!

  • Community support - We are dedicated to supporting the gaming and trading communities. We probably sponsor your favorite streamer or team. We will continue to expand our community support as we grow.

Buying (7)

How Can I Buy on Loot Market?

First, you'll need to deposit funds on our deposit page. Once funds have been added to your account:

  • Browse Loot Market, find something nice.

  • Add it to your cart.

  • Checkout, pay for items with Loot Market funds.

  • Begin a trade for your items.

You can also specify a set price that you would like to play with Buy Orders. Read below for additional information. If you have any trouble, our support team is always ready to help you out.

What are Buy Orders?

You can specify the most you are willing to pay for an item. When an item becomes available at or below that price, we will automatically buy it for you. You can read more here.

How Can I Deposit Funds?

Funds are added to your Loot Market account using G2A Pay. You can read more about G2A down below.

Is There A 7 Day Hold?

Assuming your account does NOT have a trade ban then NO! When buying on Loot Market, you are not subject to a 7 Day Hold like when you purchase with Steam Market. Once we've traded out your items, you can use them immediately. If you do have a trade ban (Recently changed your account password, Added Mobile Authenticator, etc) any purchase will be held in our inventory for 30 days until the trade ban is lifted.

When Do I Get My Items?

Immediately! As long as your Steam account is allowed to receive trades. There's no waiting around for someone else to start the trade. All items are held in our inventory waiting for buyers to purchase them. Once you've made a purchase, visit the My Purchases page and begin trading out your items.

Do My Purchases Expire?

Absolutely not. We understand that things happen and you may not be able to retrieve your items immediately. You can always come back and trade them out later.

Are You Really Cheaper Than Steam?

Yes! Well, sometimes. For DOTA 2 items, we mandate that user prices must be lower than the current lowest on Steam. For CSGO items, we mandate that prices must be lower than their current average sale price. As the price for items changes over time some of the discounts may change. You may even see over priced items on Loot Market. We encourage users to re-price their items over time.

Selling (10)

How Do I Sell Items?

  • Login and complete the signup process (adding email and trade url).

  • Go to the sell page.

  • On each item you want to sell, set the sale price and add it to trade.

  • Click Begin Trade.

  • Transfer the items to our Steam account.

  • Your item is now for sale!

  • ???

  • Profit!

Your account balance will be credited and you will be notified via email once the items sell.

What Are the Fees?

Loot Market charges a 10% fee on each item sold by default. These can be reduced to as little as 5% using our Perks system. When withdrawing from Loot Market, fees vary per method.

You can learn more about our fees here.

How Do I Get Items?

There are quite a few ways to obtain items to sell, we decided to put together a dedicated page to help you better.

How to Get DOTA 2 Items

Why Is There A Maximum Price?

We want to ensure that your items will sell quickly. Everyone loves a good deal and it ensures a quick sale time.

Why Do I Have To Give You My Item?

Without your item, we can't automatically handle the purchase and trading of your item. This helps to reduce liabilities for both buyers and sellers. Don't worry though, you can always return any item to your Steam inventory if the item hasn't sold yet.

Can I Change My Item's Price?

Absolutely! You can change your item's price once every hour (and immediately after listing it). We limit the changing to help mitigate people messing with prices on purchase.

How Do I Get My Item Back?

As long as your item hasn't sold, you can always get your item back.

  • Go to your listings page.

  • Click "deactivate item". This will prevent people from purchasing your item.

  • Click "return item". This will begin the trade to return your item.

How Can I Withdraw Money?

  • Visit your withdraw page.

  • Tell us how much you wish to withdraw (minimum of $5 USD).

  • Select how you wish to be paid and enter the proper contact information.

  • Click "Withdraw".

  • Sit tight! All withdrawals are sent within 3-7 days.

Which Withdraw Methods Are Available?

You can withdraw cash from Loot Market with: PayPal, Bitcoin, and Skrill.

If there is a withdraw method that you would like added please contact us and our team will investigate adding in future support.

What Is The Minimum for Withdrawing Money?

$5 USD for most of our services.

Trading (6)

How Do I Trade?

To trade with us, you'll first need to set your Steam Inventory to public and then add your Steam Trade URL to your Loot Market account. After that, it all depends if you're buying or selling.

Why Do I Need To Trade?

When someone buys your item, we need to be able to instantly trade it to them. So, we need to hold on to the item.

On the other hand, when you buy an item, there is no way for us to send it to you without trading. We cannot gift the item to your account.

What Is Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator?

Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is a security feature implemented by Steam. Without this, your item trades will be put into a 15 Day Hold!

If you want to sell on Loot Market, you must enable the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.

If you want to purchase on Loot Market, you do not need Mobile Authenticator. But, in order to send the items to another user after you have received them, they will be subject to the 15 day hold if you do not have Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled.

You can learn more about Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator here.

I Have A Trade Ban?

It seems like Steam won't allow us to trade with you, which could be for any number of reasons. If you have a temporary Trade Ban, you can sell or receive your purchases once the Trade Ban has expired. If you have a VAC ban for DOTA or CS:GO we will not be able to trade items with your account.

The Bot Was Impatient? Why Can't I Trade?

The 'Oops, our bot was impatient!' message occurs when you fail to accept a Trade Offer within 5 minutes.

Make sure when the Trade Offer is sent, you click either 'website' or 'app' to go to steam and complete the Trade.

The Bot Is Offline!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Oh no! Don't worry though, your items are still safe and the bot will be back online shortly. If you are concerned, please contact support for an update on the current status.

Account Settings (3)

How Do I Get My Trade URL?

You can find your Steam Trade URL here.

You can add your Steam Trade URL to Loot Market here.

Why Should I Set My Inventory to Public?

You'll need to be able to see your own items when selling them. Setting your inventory to public allows Loot Market to show you which items you have and initiate a trade with you.

Can I Deactivate My Account?

At this time, no. We need to keep account records due to transaction logs and accounting compliance. You can unsubscribe to all emails and remove all items from our system though!

Loot Market Fees (2)

What Are the Fees?

Loot Market charges a 10% fee on each item sold by default. These can be reduced to as little as 5% using our Perks system. When withdrawing from Loot Market, fees vary per method.

You can learn more about our fees here.

How Do I Lower My Fees?

Perks, perks and more perks! Depositing, selling, and referring all lead to gems. With those gems, you can redeem extra perks to help lower your fees.

You can learn more about perks here.

G2A Pay (9)

What is G2A Pay?

G2A Pay is a payment provider that enables you to pay with a wide selection of methods based on your region. This allows us to accept all sorts of methods.

What is G2A Shield?

G2A Shield is a protection service from G2A Pay. G2A Shield is not required to make a purchase on Loot Market.

G2A Shield will be free of charge for 30 days. Afterwards a sum of 1 EUR will be automatically debited. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

What Payment Methods are included in G2A Pay?

You can choose from a number of payment methods including: PayPal, G2A Wallet, Credit Cards/Debit Cards, Skrill, Paysafecard, BitCoins, CashU, and many other regional payments (visible to supported countries only).

Why Is My Payment Taking So Long?

There may be a number of reasons for this as G2A performs many types of risk checking on each transaction.

Typically the transactions are approved or rejected in less than 15 minutes. Although some do take longer.

If you have more questions about the timing of your transaction please contact G2A directly about your transaction to find out if there is a cause for this delay.

For security reasons, the Loot Market team can not approve or reject or communicate with G2A on your behalf.

Contact G2A Directly

Why Was My Payment Rejected?

G2A has provided us a list of potential issues, check on the following:

  • If G2A asked for a telephone number, is it up to date and correct?
  • Was the email address provided to G2A up to date and correct?
  • Are you the owner of the account being used to pay?

If you're sure none of the above are affecting you, reach out to G2A Support directly.

Contact G2A Directly

My Payment Was Rejected, But I Still Want To Purchase. Try Again?

You should try contacting G2A first to find out exactly why your payment was rejected, and make sure that it won't happen again.

G2A suggests also waiting a few hours before trying again.

My Payment Was Rejected, When Will I Receive My Money?

G2A Typically process refunds instantly. The exact time depends on the payment method used. For example, Paypal is often quick while Credit Card refunds often take many days.

Are There Deposit Limits?

Yes, approximately $2,500 per 24 hours.

I Can't Deposit! Help!

Oh no! Please contact G2A directly to find out why you can no longer deposit. We hope that it will be resolved quickly!

Contact G2A Directly

Partnerships (4)

I'm A Streamer

We value our streamers and try to be as great for them as they are for us! Please contact us with your stream's url, your follower/sub numbers and any other social media links you've got. We'd also love to hear about which games you play and why you love 'em!

Apply for Partnership

I'm A Tournament

We love being a part of tournaments. Contact us with your tournament's website, expected signups, other partners, etc. Any and all information is appreciated.

Apply for Partnership

I'm A Team

Teams are a great part of the gaming community. We love sponsoring teams. Let us know all about your team. Website, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, tournament winnings, etc. Everything is valuable to us.

Apply for Partnership

I'm A Website/App

Get at us with your website/app name and any information you can about what sort of partnership you'd like to make! We're looking to grow the community as a whole and really appreciate working with like minded partners. Be sure to include some stats when contacting us.

Apply for Partnership

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