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What is a Buy Order?

A Buy Order is a request from a buyer to pay a specific price for an item. The item will be instantly sold once a seller lists that item for sale at or below the specified price.

Sellers will be shown pending buy orders. If they're happy with the price, they can list for that amount and instantly sell the item.

How do Buy Orders work?

1: Buyer places a Buy Order.
2: Seller lists the item at or below Buy Order price.
3: Buyer gets the item and seller gets the funds.

Why should I care?

With Buy Orders, both buyers and sellers get what they want without hassle.

Buy items at the price you want!

As soon as someone agrees to your requested price, you instantly buy the item.

Instantly Sell Your Items

If there is a Buy Order for an item you have, you can immediately sell the item by listing it at the Buy Order price!

No More Purchase Sniping

Get your items as soon as they're available - no more sniped purchases from botters.


Where are Buy Orders?

You can find the order form and existing orders on each item's page.

location of Buy Order

How do I place an order?

On the Buy Order form, set a price that you think the item is worth and wait for the magic.

Note: Be sure to have enough funds in your Loot Market wallet and at least 500 gems.

How many Buy Orders can I make?

You can only place one Buy Order per item. As long as you have enough money and gems, you can place as many Buy Orders as you'd like on different items.

How do sellers use Buy Orders?

Your items and active listings will now have a special banner if there is a pending buy order. Simply set your item at the Instant Sale Price and your item will be sold instantly.

location of Buy Orders on sales page
Note: Your item will be instantly sold once you trade the item from your account to ours or once you've adjusted the price of an existing listing.

Why do you take my money before I get the item?

In order to keep Buy Orders smooth and instant for the sellers, we hold onto your funds while waiting for the item to become available.

Note: You can cancel your Buy Order at any time and the funds held for the Buy Order will be returend to your wallet. (gems are non-refundable)

Where are my Buy Orders?

You can manage all your current Buy Orders on your My Buy Orders page.

When will I get the item?

As soon as a seller lists the item at your price, your order will be completed and the item will be yours. No more frantic refreshing item pages or fist shaking at botters!

How will I know when my order is completed?

We will send you an email when a seller completes your order. You can then withdraw your new item on your purchases page.

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